Heart Of Hippie
She had the soul of a gypsy, the heart of a hippie & the spirit of a fairy


 Oh wow another box to conform to!! ;-)

Socially defined as a housing professional... Breaking free from modern slavery (some would say security) to embark on an adventure to India, nomad style!

I have set this blog up to communicate with friends, family and anyone interested in hearing my ramblings of life, ethical living and of course... The colourful expedition that awaits in the land of dreams!

India has been calling my soul and it's getting louder... Check out my motivation, itinary and volunteer placement updates!

I love anything glitter or rainbow that sings to your soul and penetrates your Zen bubble with magick pixie dust!

​Embrace your quirks fellow Earth Dwellers 

  • Mother Gaia
  •  Vegan Enthusiast
  • Sustainable Land Occupier
  • Eco-Warrior
  • Dreaded Queen
  • Beautiful Being
  • Unbalanced Libra
  • Woman Creature
  • Glitter Gorgan
  • Woodland Ninjah
  • Hairy Fairy
  • Elegant Eagle
  • Totum Otter
  • Hag, Enchantress, Mother, Virgin.
  • Red Fox 
  • Crystal Worshipper